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Widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, tobacco, telecommunications equipment, equipment shell;Harvester, rice milling machine, machine dry washer sieve plate;Sound equipment, refrigeration equipment, hydraulic parts, filter, speakers, speaker net, etc.;The electronics industry, such as sound of dust-proof enclosures;Mining, pharmaceutical, paper making, wine making, food processing, food processing, malt processing sieve screening;And ventilation filter, windbreak dust suppression, handicraft production, decoration and so on all walks of life.Such as stainless steel filter for residential/commercial dishwasher;Through the urban area of highway, railway, subway and other environmental noise barriers in urban traffic facilities;Used for building wall, generator room, factory workshop, conference room, studio ceiling, metope noise sound-absorbing board;Auto industry: the exhaust system, air bags, shock absorber, radiator, filter;The sugar industry: mud filter, beet sugar cleaning net, beet squeeze net, intermittent centrifuges, vacuum suction machine, expanding pressure plate;Agriculture: agricultural machinery equipment accessories, combine harvesters and grain screening machine, dryer, hammer mill, crusher, etc of sieve sieve;Used in power plant, coking plant, coal yard, lime factory yard, port, wharf, iron ore powder, wind the wind dust-controlling nets such as construction sites;Used in office building staircases, balcony, environmental protection furniture elegant decorative orifice plate;For a variety of mechanical equipment of shield, speaker net;Kitchen equipment with stainless steel fruit basket, colander, food, fruit tray, kitchen utensils and appliances;Grain depot with ventilation breathable mesh, football field the grass ooze water, the filter screen;In a department store and supermarket with shelves nets, decoration exhibition platform, etc.