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Handan steel mills and half months electricity to support st

Handan steel mills and half months electricity to support steel prices 50%
According to sources, due to the overweight pressure of environmental protection, handan region on Dec. 10 to 25 during unified power brownouts measures to limit power for 1-50% of the average electricity in October, meter reading, 3 days are mainly involved in iron and steel, coking and other energy-intensive industries.Hebei iron and steel, handan companies and emerging condition.and unaffected, and many small and medium-sized steel mills start production maintenance.A number of the personage inside course of study thinks, the electricity power is larger, help to promote the local steel market "supply do subtraction", to promote the iron and steel industry profit slightly improved.Handan facing environmental pressure, steel mills power brownouts 50% half a monthEmerging condition.and insiders to big newswires wisdom, the power rationing policy is aimed at handan region, especially in steel mills and coking plant in the city of wuan, "the electricity 50%, is 1-50% of the average power consumption in October."The source said, although some steel companies has its own power plant at present, but generating their own power part, after all, limited steel mill in the production of each link machine mainly depends on public power."Electricity 50% shows that the strength of the spring, is similar to 08."In spite of this, he notes, as a veteran, emerging pipes in the electricity storm has not been affected, and state-owned enterprises also unaffected handan iron and steel co., LTD.However, many local small and medium-sized steel mills are affected by a certain, and started to production or maintenance.New gold in wuan region of hebei iron and steel co., LTD., insiders say the new gold steel from 10 brownouts, have cut production by 50%."We reduce by half, steel mills and peripheral also has a lot of steel mills are cut by 50%, the government rationing affect pretty big, but the steel market is good, and wire yesterday once rose by 100 yuan/ton)."The new gold steel insiders said.Analysts also pointed out that "steelmaking and GaXian in handan area are concentrated production phenomenon, the majority received notice has been shut down by 50%."New gold, according to its introduction, handan region PuYang began late part of the production, such as steel mills 10 ruixiang mills continued to maintenance, and production date to be determined;Yuhua and MingFang steel production by 50%, other steel mills limited electricity.In addition, wuan region angang iron works a line production, and a portion of the sintering furnace to stop production.Electricity booster steel market "supply do subtraction", thus support steel pricesThe emerging pipes, insiders say the power brownouts in handan purpose basically has two, one is to control steel production capacity, the second is for environmental requirements."Now handan local vehicle restrictions, mostly poor air quality."But, in his view, the main purpose is to control the steel production capacity.Recently, the dissolving capacity is the important direction of the government, environmental protection or power brownouts are auxiliary dissolve the capacity to act as a gripper, final pressure and dynamic, and from the compression steel capacity."It is understood that in previous years, the government in the peak season will have a certain strength of power brownouts measures, such as summer, because the power equipment such as air conditioning electricity consumption caused by the high number of runs.Another peak season is winter, mainly caused by coal heating and so on, therefore, summer and winter will be limited electrical aspects of the measures.Analysts said, is different from the past, because the power rationing measures also involves environmental protection concept, and with the recent steel industry escalating environmental pressure, make the electricity power greater than in previous years."Market wire rebar prices yesterday is really rose by two waves, the first wave of rose 50 yuan/ton), the second wave of the added 50 yuan/ton)."Analysts said, "don't sell, some steel mills directly library halt to the sale."A steel researchers also think in Beijing, handan the large-scale power brownouts measures will be conducive to promote the local steel industry supply drop, then support steel prices upward.In analysts view, however, as the environmental protection efforts, steel mills limited production is inevitable;Slants big, but because of resource supply and off-season just need to purchase quantity is insufficient, and the peripheral resources circulation is convenient, the overall price level from rising continuity is unlikely.