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Baosteel, wisco slightly raised ex-factory price in January

On December 11, baosteel announced January carbon steel plate factory price policy, which in addition to the electrical steel products remain flat, the other main plank product price appeared 50 yuan or 100 yuan/ton of small gains.In addition, yesterday (12 December), wisco is slightly raised most of the ex-factory price of steel products in January 2014.The personage inside course of study to the "daily economic news" reporter, said baosteel's price adjustment action is based on the national intensify environmental management and eliminate backward production capacity, supply pressure relief, falling inventories, and downstream side, recent automotive steel market is more optimistic.In addition, iron ore prices continue to rise, steel mills cost pressures.Price increases slightlyBaosteel pricing policy, according to hot rolling factory department directly under (products) rises 50 yuan/ton.And acid pickling, cold (factory department directly under and MeiGang products) rises 50 yuan/ton;Hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized and aluminized zinc products are raised 50 yuan/ton;Caitu products price in the first quarter of next year in 2013 based on 11 ~ 12 month price increase 100 yuan/ton.And used in power without the orientation of electrical steel and oriented electrical steel prices remain unchanged.Yesterday, released in January next year, the main products of wisco ex-factory price like baosteel, which in addition to the light of some products price 100 yuan/ton, and silicon steel wire profile remains the same;Hot rolling, cold rolling and pickling steel products such as price increases are 50 yuan/ton.In October, November and December, baosteel steel factory price adjustments are all negative.Analysts about the daily economic news "reporter said, baosteel, anshan iron and steel, benxi steel, hebei iron and steel group and shougang price policy in December, most remain flat on the surface of the factory price, but there are" dark down ", namely the steel mills in proportion to the complete order or orders on time, to give certain incentives, buyer on transportation benefits at the same time also have different amplitude."This plate, cold rolled products due to environmental protection and hebei limit production, market circulation of resources is decreasing, the inventory is declining, provides conditions for price increases."Zhang Lin, according to the analysis of the demand of the cold rolled products are out of season in January, but the circulation resource decrease, the price may be higher.Stocks continued to declineIn fact, in the steel supply side, at present due to the major steel mills maintenance strength increase, crude steel output fell, the related inventory is also a small decline.Cisa's latest figures, crude steel production in late November 82 key enterprises of 1.709 million tons, fell 2.37%, the accumulative crude steel output of 2.091 million tons, down 0.39% compared with last month the actual daily output.In addition, in late November 82 key mills inventories declined dramatically.In late November it especially steel inventory to 12.95 million tons of iron and steel enterprise, on the final reduced by 7%.China federation of logistics and purchasing steel finished goods inventory index also shows that as of November 30, product inventory index was 47.5%, compared with a 2% drop in late October, a 5% drop in the year.Earlier this month, in fact, professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing steel disclosure, steel PMI index was 49% in November, is up 1.5% in October, shows that despite the downturn in the market as a whole but hong kong-listed positive factors increase, the market is gradually warmer.XiBen Shinkansen, a senior researcher at Qiu Yue pairs "daily economic news" reporter said, "baosteel price policy increases slightly in January, is mainly based on the ore prices continue to rise, steel mills cost pressures, as well as the recent automotive steel order situation is better."The China association of automobile manufacturers, according to the latest figures on November car production finished 2.1343 million and 2.0439 million, respectively, than last month rose 11.39% and 5.75%, respectively, year-on-year growth of 21.17% and 21.17% respectively.Qiu Yuecheng, said baosteel as a bellwether steel mills, slightly raised ex-factory price is helpful to further boost market confidence.Baosteel price adjustment or will determine the next January domestic mainstream plate mills pricing advocate tone, is expected to ex-factory price of steel mills such as anshan iron and steel, shougang would better progressly.