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The practical application of barbed wire and its related int

Barbed wire, is divided into fixed and mobile.Stationary barbed wire is build with stake and barbed wire, etc;Mobile barbed wire is from factory after batch production to the battlefield to temporarily set, is 70-90 cm in diameter, about 10 meters long, setting speed, high break strength, can slowly armoured cars and other vehicles.Chain link fence can be referred to as: the wire fence netting, chain link fence warehouse (4) barbed wire fence, etc.It is made of wire rod after drawing into a thin wire, cold wire drawing), then after a large welding machine will wire welding is our common (wire).In connect with a variety of different column.Constitute the beautiful generous, protective performance high chain-link fence.Because of its excellent characteristics, installation simple and widely used in highway, railway, airport, stadium, prison in the areas of protection.Chain link fence after all kinds of surface treatment, which greatly enhance the product performance and longer service life.Surface treatment mainly adopts ways: galvanized, plastic, plastic spraying anti-corrosion treatment.Make the product has good anti-aging, sun resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.Its product design and color is diversiform, beautiful and easy, according to the deployment of color can agree with the local landscape.Its high safety coefficient, good climbing capacity, connections are made of galvanized mesh anti-theft screw connection, can effectively prevent destructive disassembly, transverse four bending stiffeners, the net surface strength increased significantly.The types of barbed wire: from the barbed wire production process is divided into: weaving, welding, cutting, punching type, round type, drawing screw system integrity, the anchoring type are collectively referred to as barbed wire or steel wire mesh.Types are: fence, wire fence, crimped wire mesh, woven mesh, welded wire mesh, steel bar welded mesh, welded wire mesh wire, iron wire, crimped wire mesh, fence wire mesh;Mesh and so on.Material: white steel wire, black iron wire, galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, high quality 45, 50, 55, 60 steel and 65 mn steel wire.Barbed wire products: flood control with barbed wire: stone cage nets, bing net, plastering wall net, wire box, the honeycomb lattice, ecological grid, ecological mesh cage, pavement reinforced net, port engineering network, retaining wall, the green grid, heavy hexagonal wire netting.Traffic safety with barbed wire: highway guardrail nets, guardrail nets, airport fence netting, rail fence netting, bridge fence netting, factory building, the stadium fence, Seine workshop warehouse, construction site fence, fence netting.Farming planting with barbed wire: the Netherlands net, hook flower net, rhombus net.Underground coal mines with barbed wire, wire netting, graticule of coal mine, coal mine with mesh, coal mine safety net, mine support network, supporting of coal mine safety net, mine, mine barbed wire, barbed wire in coal mine, coal mine woven wire, coal flat netting.Barbed wire has the advantages of: 1, with beautiful, practical, easy to transport and the characteristics of simple installation.(2), high performance, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, broad vision, installation is simple, feel bright, easy.3, suitable bending, contributed to this product is unique and beautiful effect, can use a variety of colors and surface jinsu processing, columns with different mesh the collocation of color is more pleasing, at the same time, this product is used more with chassis, the post installation just make good expansion bolt, very fast.Barbed wire also can be used as a shield, (1) when the frequency of electromagnetic field interference, using eddy current generated in low resistivity of metal materials, formation of external electromagnetic wave offset function, so as to achieve the effect of shielding.(2) when the frequency of the interference of electromagnetic wave is low, to adopt high permeability material, so that the lines of magnetic force limit inside the shield, to prevent the spread to the shielding room.(3) in some cases, if the requirement of high frequency and low frequency electromagnetic fields have good shielding effect, often with different metal materials composed of multilayer shield.Surface treatment: cold galvanized, hot dip galvanized, electrostatic plastic spraying, hot dipping plastic processing.