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Prison size commonly used steel wall

Prison steel wall mainly adopts the combination of high strength of razor wire and ordinary fence, by the v-shaped bracket set on, reinforced welded nets, safetyGuard against theft of fittings and razor wire.Prison wall is a new type of steel nets, made the blade sharp Angle of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet, steel wire core combination protectorMaterial. The prison wall steel blade gill net with deter, prevent the effect, such as over hard material, high strength, high tension, modelling design is unique, should not touch, can consequentlyAchieve excellent protective isolation effect.Prison was steel wall steel wall main use: mainly used in prison, stations, border, surrounded the forbidden area, military defense protection such as dangerousProtection of the region.Prison wall of steel product advantages:1, prison steel wall is beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install2, prison steel wall topography and strong adaptability, and column connection with the ground can be adjusted up and down;3, prison steel wall transverse four bend stiffener, at the same time in the overall cost of the few, significantly increase the net surface strength and beauty, isOne of the most popular cars at home and abroad.4, prison steel wall climbing ability is extremely strong, reinforcing mesh increased its destruction degree, with long time, strong and durable.5, prison steel wall have anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, etc.Cross razor wire spiral is between two razor wireWith stainless steel sheet and galvanized sheet steel strong clip, unfolds the cross shaped, beautiful and practical.