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Expanded Metal Machine

Expanded Metal Machine

FOB Price:US $5000-10000/set

Min.Order Quantity:1sets

Supply Ability:100 sets per Week

Port:Tianjin Xingang,Shanghai

Payment Terms:T/T

We are the Expanded metal factory in China. Our main products are fencing, galvanized wire, welded wire mesh, steel structure, Expanded Metal Machine, Expanded metal, etc. We Perennial export, Europe, North America and Asia, more than 20 countries and regions. Such as: Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Japan, India.

If you need Expanded Metal Machine or other products, please contact us any time.We will provide the professional service and most competitive price.

Expanded Metal Machine
The machines are used for punching shear the cold crimped engine bed with the thickness of 0.4- 6mm the width of 2000mm Material strength of 450N/mm2The specifications of punching shear are su~eyed by the bit of TB5-20 mesh grid plate:if the TB TL are changed the punching shear knife is also changed;TB,TL are increased,the punching shear strength is reduced:TB,TL are reduced,the punching shear strength is increased In order not to damage components for the excess load.

The nominal tonnage is 63T lf TB TL are reduced the punching shear strength surpasses the nominal tonnage,you can reduce the material thickness and width.
The machines are used for punching all kinds of expand plate mesh in construction.common hardware,window and door,machine protecting etc.

Expanded Metal Machine
Expanded Metal Machine


Product parameters

Flattening machine
Flattening machine special related to Expanded metal machine, after stencil plate mesh grind by flat mesh machine flat, have esthetic appearances, level smoothly, the advantage of high added value etc.
Currently the machine is applied to processing expanded metal with a maximum sheet thickness of 5.0mm and a length 2100mm.

Technical Data

Type A

Type B

Roller width




Diameter / Roller




Flat mesh thickness




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